We will miss you!

We will miss our great neighbors, amazing friends and wonderful families. And we will dearly miss our best friend in the world, Sheba. She’ll join us for the last leg of the trip to New England next summer but until then she’ll be happily living with her grandparents, aunt and cousins here in Maryland. Isn’t she beautiful?!

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About Elena Silva

Out here on the road, trying to make the most of a year in close quarters with my three favorite people...
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2 Responses to We will miss you!

  1. Michael Peay says:

    Dear Brian and Elena, Elian and Gabby,
    I got such pleasure reading through your posts on the “BigTrip” website last night. It’s so well organized and written that it invites you to want to read more. So, “Bravo”, on a very high-quality presentation. The photos and map are also very nice. It’s going to be fun following you guys on this epic trip!😋. And, that includes Omar, too. He really liked what he saw, and of course it made him instantly nostalgic for his blood brother, Elian.

    We’re so happy for you, as you count down these last few days to take-off day. May God and all his good angels be with and protect you every mile of the way.

    Sincerely, Mike Peay

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    • Elena Silva says:

      Thank you, Mike! We look forward to staying in close touch, and we know Elian is already planning to email and write to Omar throughout the year. Standing invitation for both of you to visit us at any time along our route!


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