Mapping Our Trip


Leaving from Maryland, we are heading north to Niagara Falls and Canada, dipping down into the Upper Peninsula and a little of the midwest before we make our way across South Dakota, Wyoming, up into Montana and over to Washington. From there, we’re headed down through Oregon and California, over into Nevada and Utah, and then spending the winter months in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. We will head across the South in the springtime and then up the coast all the way to Cape Cod, where we will spend our last month before returning home. We estimate we’ll travel 13,000 miles and hopefully return with countless tales to tell. If you know of great places to visit (or avoid!), please let us know.

About Brian Woodward

I'm a high school English and Journalism teacher who is taking a year off from teaching to travel the country with my family, see some sights, and make some memories.
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9 Responses to Mapping Our Trip

  1. Rob Mucciaccio says:

    I love this blog and we can’t wait until you guys make it to Omaha!

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  2. Gloria Nevarez says:

    Can’t wait to see you in Tahoe! We’re here now with Rick’s family and plotting out all the places to visit with young ‘uns.

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  3. Keyburn says:

    Let me know if that ride of yours decides to visit America’s heartland! Would LOVE to see you, feed you, play with those beautiful kids!

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  4. Angela Rakis says:

    So exciting!

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  5. Renee Lang says:

    Awesome – Nice start in NF! And can’t go wrong with the UP (doubt you’re planning on Copper Harbor there… all the way at the tippy top/end of the “thumb,” but it’s well worth it if you are!) Safe travels!

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  6. Monica says:

    It is hard to believe i am saying this but you have to go to the upper penisula of Michigan, on the Lake. It is gorgeous. Go to Makinaw Island for sure but even if you can go to Sagatauk and that area. Amazing long summer days and great weather.

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  7. Karima says:

    looks amazing even if no stop in LA…. looks like you’re at least driving through minnesota… if you’re going through the twin cities, think about stopping at the Science Museum of Minnesota…. very very cool science museum w/ a ton of hands-on for the kids (in all of you). my friend ana is in charge of the human body section.

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  8. Lynn says:

    The UP is full of quirky stops but here’s one my mom recently told me about:

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  9. Padmini says:

    Valley of Fire outside of Las Vegas might be one of the most beautiful I’ve ever been too! If you stop near Vegas, stop here! In Star Trek Generations, the death of Captain Kirk was filmed here.


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