Scenes from the State Fair

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UPDATE: Big Mac takes first place in the Big Boar contest, weighing in at a whopping 1166 lbs. According to the Swine superintendent, via the Des Moines Register, Big Mac loves Ding Dongs, Cap’n Crunch and Busch light. Don’t we all.

About Elena Silva

Out here on the road, trying to make the most of a year in close quarters with my three favorite people...
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3 Responses to Scenes from the State Fair

  1. Nancy Segal says:

    Classic! How were the deep fried pop tarts?


  2. Tina says:

    I heard they deep fry everything there….! Hope you guys had fun!! Love & miss u :):)


  3. Tim Ernst says:

    I love the photos from Iowa! I’m glad you were one day ahead of the politicians!


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