Kids’ Post

Hello, Elian reporting. Many of you have been requesting a kid post so…voila!

Recently, we visited the Olympic National Park. I think it’s called that because there is a Mount Olympus (not the one where the Greek Gods are). Or maybe it’s because it’s near Olympia, the capital of Washington. It’s my favorite national park so far, mostly because it’s the kind of place you’d want to stay and look at forever, whereas Yellowstone and Glacier are places you just want to visit once because everyone talks about them and they are very cool!

It’s absolutely beautiful. The rainforest is exotic. There are banana slugs and woodpeckers that don’t mind selfies. The trees are moss-covered and beautiful. This one maple grove was so jungle-like I wouldn’t have been surprised if a monkey had started bouncing through the trees. But, alas, no monkeys here.


There are massive spruces and cedars, bigger than some redwoods (small).


Road schooling is nice. It’s two hours a day and no homework. Omar, if you’re reading this blog, take that playing with fire!

There is a serious disadvantage to being on the road all the time. We drive for hours, often longer than my parents say we will (“3 hours? I meant 5 hours”).

I’m sleeping in the “attic”, which is nice. I get my own privacy curtain. Unfortunately, I can’t sneak technology and food because my parents are watching my every move.

We’ve been keeping a dog log, where we write down every dog we meet. However, the most exotic and exciting pet so far was Emerald Eagle, a parrot who has been featured in the San Diego Union Tribune. We met him in the rainforest, which seems fitting. We’ve also met two goats named Scout and Huck, and researched goats for school (Notes on Goats).


I would say more but a) I am hungry and b) I already said a lot. Bye, everyone. Sligo Middle, please stop sending Attendance messages to my mom. I’m not coming until 7th grade! Get that through your skulls!


Hello, this is Gabriela. Please do not call me Gabriela, though, because I will think I am in trouble. Call me Gg.

I am having fun so far. Of course, there are those moments when I am sad and missing home. I have met cats, dogs,  goats and even a parrot.


I have many favorite things like seeing bears and bison, going on a sand dunes ride and seeing many fun and new people. I have liked staying in the park I’m currently in (Olympic). I enjoyed Glacier and Yellowstone too, and Niagara had hardly any bugs.

I am going to enjoy the West Coast because I really like the beach. My grandmother, Mimi, is coming out soon and I am very happy about that. I am missing everyone very much.


School is short. I like math and I just read my first chapter book independently. Our RV is very small, especially for four people. The RV feels very cozy but sometimes I just need to get out! My parents take a lot of walks. My brother and I watch Planet Earth when they are gone. We have game and movie nights, and play a lot of cards. I guess that is all for now.


UPDATE! We are sorry the goats got all the press! Lucy and Mable were there too and they are the best! (Also there were humans but we didn’t take pictures with them).


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Out here on the road, trying to make the most of a year in close quarters with my three favorite people...
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2 Responses to Kids’ Post

  1. david rogers says:

    What great reports! You guys are excellent writers!


  2. melissa says:

    Lucy and Mable say Thank you! We all miss you guys!

    Liked by 1 person

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