Goodbye, Oregon

Oregon, you were the best and we vow to return, especially to our little temporary home of Bandon. We will go back to Face Rock Creamery for $2 kid cones that must weigh a pound. And we’ll sit on the cliffs and look out at the real rocks; maybe we’ll even buy one of those local prints of Face Rock or Elephant Rock.



We will go back to Sunset Bay to listen to the thousands of seals and sea lions barking.


We’ll have to visit the library, where we spent so much time over these past weeks reading, doing puzzles, and even taking in the Democratic debate hosted by “Bandon for Bernie.”


We’ll be more prepared for tsunamis, having read all the signs and brochures. You have between 10-15 minutes after a warning is issued to get to high ground. From town, it takes 11 minutes. From the beach, it takes longer than you have. When we take sunset walks next time we’ll know we are better off staying and watching for the last green flash of light, rather than running for the dunes that would surely wash away.




We will walk through town again and eat near the pier, enjoying the smell of the salty sea air and the lime and spice from our fresh fish tacos. Describing the smells is too difficult; someone should invent scratch and sniff photos.




We will play on your beaches, in Bandon and all the way down your jaw dropping coast.




We may even buy another wooden bear to sit alongside Bandon Bear, the newest member of our traveling tribe.


Now on to California, through Redwoods National Park and along the 101 to Eureka, where our dearest toad is getting a full check up.

About Elena Silva

Out here on the road, trying to make the most of a year in close quarters with my three favorite people...
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2 Responses to Goodbye, Oregon

  1. Tim Ernst says:

    Great photo of your family with Bandon Bear! I’m wipin’ my paws!


  2. Talley says:

    The Bandon care package was a big hit!


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