Field Trip to Tijuana

We skipped school today to head across the border. Parking on the U.S. side, we walked over to explore for the day. Crossing was easy enough and a great experience for the kids, who had only crossed back and forth from Canada in the RV. Standing in line with hundreds of others, reading the signs in Spanish and English, seeing the armed guards on both sides, and being asked their names is different from just riding over. Walking over also means you interact with other people, some trying to sell things, others asking for help.

We walked all over Tijuana, shopping for trinkets, looking at murals and Christmas decorations, munching on fresh churros, and visiting another beautiful church.






The trip back over took longer; the lines snaked for blocks and we heard people mentioning that they were hours long. But we found our way and made it quicker than we’d expected. All in all, it was a wonderful day on the other side. The kids have promised to write all their thoughts down in their journals, although can’t say if they’ll share here too…



About Elena Silva

Out here on the road, trying to make the most of a year in close quarters with my three favorite people...
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1 Response to Field Trip to Tijuana

  1. Kaye Woodward says:

    I,m tired just from looking at the pictures. Certainly a wonderful splurge.


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