Riley Reporting from San Antonio

Dear Elian and Gg,

It’s great to be here in San Antonio with you. So far, we went to the Alamo. We saw the real building that the Texians (immigrants in Texas) and Tejanos (people who lived there originally) defended against the Mexican army. There was a separate room where the women and children hid. Before we went, we watched a movie that explained that the Mexican army marched 1,500 miles to the Alamo because they wanted to keep the Texas land. In the battle of the Alamo, the Mexicans won but that enraged the people of Texas and the U.S. Army got involved and helped to take Texas. I hope we will always remember the Alamo. 🙂


I love the scenery here in Texas.We went to the Riverwalk and there were a lot of restaurants, river boats, murals, and ducks.



We also went to see our grandfather’s house that he lived in when he was little. It’s yellow now with a green porch, pink flowers and a gray, metal fence around the yard. There were a lot of little dogs, including a little dog on the road surveying the neighborhood who did not want us to pass.


My other grandfather also lived in San Antonio so we went to see his elementary school, which was only a couple of miles away. No one remembered him. 🙂 But we did find a tree that might have been there back then. It’s weird that both grandfathers were in the same town at the same time but didn’t know each other.


We’re staying at a house with the RV parked out front. It’s a great house. I love seeing the different kinds of plants and animals, especially the trees. Speaking of animals, we saw a bunch of lizards, including a bright green one. I saw something that looked like a baby armadillo while we were playing hide and go seek at the house. It left before I could inspect it through the window but I’m glad I am not completely sure whether it’s an armadillo so I can believe it is.

One morning, the first thing I did was wake up and go see the sunrise from the deck with Mimi. Then you both woke up and we ate a delicious breakfast of waffles and cereal. We got dressed and played a couple of games of camouflage, where you have to hide but be able to make eye contact with the person in the middle of the room. Then we played hide and go seek but got tired of it and played LEGOs instead. One night, we decided to camp out in the RV. We watched the movie, Walking With Dinosaurs and Looney Tunes. There was a big storm but it did not keep us up. The RV is small but nice and comfortable.

I love San Antonio!!! I wish I could stay for longer but, hey, 7 days is a lot, even more than a school week!



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Out here on the road, trying to make the most of a year in close quarters with my three favorite people...
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1 Response to Riley Reporting from San Antonio

  1. david rogers says:

    Hey Riley! What a great report! You write very well – I first read this on my phone without the pictures, but I didn’t need them with your great description. The photos are great, too!


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