Goodbye, Cousins and California

When we returned from the Rose Bowl, we meant to sit around and share new year’s resolutions, reminding ourselves and each other how fortunate we all are. We never did (Downton Abbey was on). But I don’t think we really needed to say out loud what seems clear from our stay. Cousins of two generations have a renewed sense of what family feels like and how important it is to cherish time spent with people you love. There isn’t much more than that, is there?


We are enormously thankful to our Redlands cousins for putting us up, and putting up with us, for a long, lovely visit. We are now back on the road, racing from the rain that is spreading across Southern California. Soon, we will cross into Arizona and head for Phoenix, where we will get to spend another week with family. This time it’s with parents and grandparents, another visit we have long been anticipating.

With California behind us and the new year before us, we will be facing east and with every mile will get closer to our own coast. But we’ve still got several months of Southwestern adventuring to do. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas…here we come!

About Elena Silva

Out here on the road, trying to make the most of a year in close quarters with my three favorite people...
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1 Response to Goodbye, Cousins and California

  1. Cousin Steve says:

    The Redlands cousins miss you all, and Shadow is bereft. Might just be the unending rain, but I don’t think so. We had a wonderful time with you, and are glad that we were able to be part of Big Trip!


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